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The world’s most intelligent home gym. Tonal’s all-in-one system replaces every machine in the weight room in the gym. Built-in Coach A.I. technology counts reps, adjusts weight as users fatigue, and tracks progress over time to maximize individual results.


Tonal contacted Mercury when they already had their Android trainers and iOS and Android mobile app. The Tonal team was looking for the ongoing support of their apps, as well as for some help in implementing new features. Working with the existing codebase and multiple teams of engineers is always a challenge, but together Tonal and Mercury were able to integrate the external team deeply into all the processes, make them aware of the company’s goals and milestones, and work towards them.

Mobile App

It is a great companion app for the Tonal machine. Tonal mobile app helps users to track their progress, preview, and explore workouts and programs. Mercury team helped to create a slick experience for the users by working collaboratively with Tonal on designs and quality assurance.

Apple Watch App

Apple Watch app and heart rate monitoring used to be one of the most frequently requested integrations for Tonal. Once Mercury found out about this, the team was happy to design and build a WatchOS app and introduce the support of the Bluetooth/ANT+ heart rate monitors on a Tonal trainer.

Tonal Trainer

Just like a personal trainer, Tonal’s Coach A.I. gauges strength, learns, and adapts guidance in real-time. The Mercury team worked in collaboration with the Tonal team to bring on new features and take users' training experience to the next level.

How's It Look?

Apple Watch
Apple Watch phone
Apple Watch tablet
Apple Watch phone

Apple Watch Challenge

Tonal approached Mercury Development for building a WatchOS app that will seamlessly integrate with Apple Health and sync real-time data across the Apple Watch app, iOS mobile app, and Android machine. Besides that, Tonal aimed to include a comprehensive list of features allowing users to manage their trainers from the watch during workouts. Another challenge faced during the development stage was a tricky integration of the Apple Watch app with a Flutter-based iOS application.

While Mercury Development business analysts and designers were eliciting, detailing, and creating designs for a complete list of features, the development team was looking for ways to combine the SwiftUI with the new Apple Combine technology (which has not been released at that point) to ensure seamless and responsive user experience. The Mercury team made sure that the pairing and connection flow for the users will be as smooth as possible by creating a unique and fairly complex logic for working with BLE and machine/watch workout sessions.

The Future

Tonal is perpetually looking for ways to improve their system. With the help of the Mercury team, they are constantly building new ways to improve the user's strength and fitness experience at home with smart gym equipment, the companion mobile app, and now also with the new Apple Watch app. Mercury Development is proud to be a part of such a great ongoing partnership and is ready to work on awesome new features and to deliver continuous improvements.


Mobile App Design

Mobile app design shows user stats front and center. Now it's faster to reach fitness goals with motivating metrics at the fingertips of the new Tonal mobile app.

Color palette


Hardware Soft

While our users are working on improving themselves, Tonal and Mercury teams are constantly working on improving the experience that Tonal Trainer provides to our customers. Our smart system combines different exercises that can be used to build thousands of program combinations to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. Integrated AI will not only help you choose the right intensity for your workout, it will also suggest specific exercises to improve your experience, and will push you to the next level.

Customer Reviews

Peter C
Suisun City, CA

It’s an amazing home gym system that I believe will satisfy many of the targeted users. It takes up a very small footprint for those trying to save space. The workout programs are amazing and I feel like there’s something for everyone no matter what your fitness goals are.
My husband, kids, and nanny all love our Tonal and use it in very different ways. It’s been a great addition to our garage gym setup, right next to our Peloton bike.
The Tonal has been the ultimate at home trainer for me and my roommate. There’s a workout for every type of mood I’m in. I love turning it on and jumping into a sweat with a program or creating my own workouts on the app. I’d recommend the Tonal to anyone!
I love Tonal! The coaches are great and I love that the work out programs are planned and Tonal automatically adjusts the weights for each movement. I just need to show up, put in the work and try not to die in the process!
It is effective, it replaces traditional weights in a modern format and it is easy to use. It is safer than traditional weights. The Tonal design is sleek and modern. Tonal does not take up any space.